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ETC outperforms the broader market after rallying by 10%

Ethereum Classic is the best-performing cryptocurrency amongst the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap today. The cryptocurrency market is performing positively today after starting the week in a poor fashion....
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MEW launches wallet extension Enkrypt for Polkadot

MEW is the leading wallet platform for digital assets on Ethereum, and Enkrypt brings its functionality to the Polkadot ecosystem. MyEtherWallet (MEW), a leading platform in the crypto sector for...
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Interview: The future is interoperability

What blockchain will win? A common question in the world of cryptocurrency. But in truth, the future is likely one of interoperability. Certain blockchains will be bigger than others, but...
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break and retest pattern forms

Ethereum price bounced back on Wednesday as the market refocused on the upcoming interest rate decision by the Federal Reserve. ETH rose to a high of $1,460, which was significantly...
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Is it time to sell Ethereum despite the recent rally?

Ethereum has rallied by nearly 40% in 10 days. The coin is now firmly above $1000. It has also surpassed the $1300 resistance as investors rush in to buy the...
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Why Ethereum dropped by 10% today

Today morning, Ethereum price plunged by about 10% after staging a very promising recovery rally last week. The sudden drop caught the majority of traders and investors by surprise. Most...
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Polygon launches scaling solution zkEVM to help Web3 growth

Polygon, a decentralised Web3 infrastructure and Ethereum scaling solution, has launched Polygon zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine), a layer 2 solution that leverages zero-knowledge proofs to offer seamless transactions buoyed...
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Ethereum eyes a breakout, and bulls could be preparing to pounce in

Ethereum remains intact at above $1,000 despite hot inflation numbers The price gained by double digits on Friday Ethereum has formed inside bars and is gearing for a breakout Ethereum...
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Ethereum price bearish flag points to a major crash soon

Ethereum price has struggled in the past few months as investors remain concerned about several factors. The ETH token is trading at $1,083, which is significantly lower than its all-time...
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Top cryptos most compliant to new EU crypto regulations

Ethereum and Cardano fit the bill in terms of environmental consciousness  Key points: The EU has come up with crypto regulations, and one of the critical areas of focus is...
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